How to Prevent Vacation Guilt

A LinkedIn survey shows 35% of Gen Zers feel guilty while on vacation.

There may not be “guilt-free” time off.  For a group of Americans. a business-insider report cites a LinkedIn survey that says 35% of Gen Zers feel guilty while on vacation and not doing any work.  The survey found some say they over-think, still check work e-mail, or feel obligated to be available to clients.  The guilt may be part of being young in their careers as well.  The survey found Millennials and Gen Xers were close behind at 30%.  But baby boomers can let it slide. only 22% say they feel guilty during time off.   Work on changing your mind-set surrounding your time off. It’s not just a luxury, it’s a right.  Focus on being present during a special trip or event just a day being used for errands.  The work will be waiting for your return.   Plan as far in advance as possible for how things will be covered when you’re away.  Letting clients and colleagues know what to expect should alleviate call and questions when you’re not in the office.  If you get the urge to check emails or answer phone calls, put your phone on do not disturb mode.  If you can’t bring yourself to completely shut everything out, at least try turning off email notifications.