The 5 Rules of Camping – Know Before You Go

Know these 5 unwritten rules before you go camping.

Summer is the most popular time of year to go camping.  The last thing you want to be is the person getting on other campers’ nerves.  Here are a few camping no-no’that can be considered rude depending on where you’re staying.  Don’t arrive too early.   Guests from the night before might still be there, and they’ll feel rushed to leave.   If you want to show up early, call the campsite first and see if there’s an open spot.  Also, if you’ll be taking your furry friends along, don’t let them run wild. make sure you know the campsite’s rules for dogs, and keep them on a leash if needed.  Even if leashes aren’t required, make sure they’re not bothering other campers.  It can also be frowned upon to bring your own fire wood.   This one depends on the campsite, but it’s sometimes considered bad form as it can transfer insects and fungus.  In general, you’re not supposed to bring firewood from more than 10 miles away.   If the campsite sells it on site, that’s usually the best option.  Speaking of campfires, don’t leave yours burning overnight.  Some people underestimate how much water it takes to fully put a fire out which is usually several gallons.  Finally, don’t play your music too loud.   That includes playing it over a speaker and singing around a campfire.  It’s polite to ask other campers around you first.   Also keep in mind those who might be going to bed earlier than you are.