Thursday Tips to Get Your Kitchen Looking Fresh!

Here's a few shortcuts to tackle the mess.

How you feel when you walk into a room sets the tone for the time you spend in that space. Walking into a clean kitchen not only feels nice it gives you a launching pad to create! For your Thursday Tips, a few shortcuts to tackle the mess.

First, clear the counter. That’s usually the first thing you see when you walk into the area. So, stash mail, papers and any small appliances (like your juicer) in designated drawers or cupboards.
Then toss unwanted food items that have been left sitting out. Use a spray cleaner to wipe the surface.

Spot clean! Use a wet sponge and a dash of baking soda to take care of stovetop spills and grease. It’s easier to rinse off than a sudsy cleaner. Wipe up any food crumbs, if there’s burned-on food, may need to spray ammonia and rinse with warm water. If there’s a lot…use the oven self clean.

Load the dishwasher already. Stop pretending you’re going to rinse those dishes piling up on the counter-load them into the dishwasher. If you don’t have a full load, now’s the right time to finally wash the glass and hard plastic knickknacks on your kitchen shelves that have been collecting dust and kitchen grease. Hand wipe your hand-painted and antique things.

Use a sweeper with disposable cloths, like a swiffer, to pick up crumbs, dust and hair from the floor. If there’s any time left. Go give the fridge a good purge. Pull the trash can over and dump the old leftovers, spoiled food and old condiment bottles. Give the shelves a wipe, the front door and handle. Also, add a fresh box of baking soda to absorb odors!