Celeb Beauty Secrets That Will Keep You Looking Fresh!

One starts everyday by exfoliating her face.

Ever wonder how some celebs keep their skin in top shape? A beauty editor reveals a few tricks some have revealed to her along the way.

Christie Brinkley starts everyday by exfoliating her face. She’s been doing it for 40 years. That’s when she read an article that said men look five years younger than women because they shave every day so she upped her “dead skin removal” game!

Cate Blanchett says getting a massage it key for her skin. In fact she is less stressed when she has a better glow. Too much stress causes inflammation and early skin aging. Whether it’s a spa day or time to yourself…it helps to keep your skin clear and smooth.

Don’t skimp on water, get a good nights sleep and eat your greens. Olivia Culpo says when she changed her diet, it made a big difference to her complexion. She ate more greens and cut dairy…while lowering sugar and it cleared her skin. Leafy greens such as spinach are loaded with zinc, which helps fight inflammation.

Viola Davis also believes in getting enough rest…and she also has another tip. The actress has a steamer in her shower! Steam has the power to pen up pores, flush impurities and make the skin more receptive to the products you put on afterwards.