How to Make the Most of a Disappointing Vaca

Have you ever gone on vacation that was disappointing upon arrival?  If so, you're not alone. 

Have you ever gone on vaca or taken an anticipated trip that was disappointing upon arrival?  If so, you’re not alone.   More than half of those surveyed about international trips taken in the last five years, say theirs didn’t live up to their expectations.  Travel experts say it’s a common issue for most of us, no matter how far or near we travel.  Social media can build unrealistic visions for travel and if we’re honest, we also also play a role in our disappointment as more than half of us (67%) admit our personal planning could have been better.  But the good news is, half say they were able to still have a good time.   The key to turning it around is to stay calm and make the most of the situation.  Embrace where you are and who you are with to make memories.  Someday you can laugh about it all.