The WIHN Foundation Supports Community Action Toward Mental Health and Suicide Prevention

When in Heavens Name Foundation is taking a chance for change because change is possible.

Greg sits down with Anthony Morrone and Tom Lafaso to talk about the WIHN Foundation. The foundation supports action in communities that work toward mental health and suicide prevention as well as ensures that at least 80% of all dollars raised result in local action. 

The WIHN Foundation intends to raise money from our community and distribute the funds to suicide intervention Partners like, Pastor Greg Van Dyke(Pastor at St. Peters Lutheran, SC), and Thomas’ Hope Foundation(Long Island, NY). The organization mission is zero sucide and improve behavioral health outcomes. Our initial drive starting April 6th ending April 9th is $100,000. The funds will be directed, in its early stages, for those living in South Carolina. In time the organization will expand its coverage to include all locations across the United States.

The total cash drive has a goal of $600,000 for this year and we will finance the cost of treatment up and above State agency funding.

Anthony Morrone is a prolific author whose work is grounded in his faith. As a devout Christian, he draws inspiration from his beliefs and seeks to share his message of hope and positivity with his readers.

Anthony’s books include:

Born Under a Lunky Star

The Vanity Mirror …a note left behind

The Companion Book: The Uninvited Guest

The Uninvited Guest : The Story of Emmanuelle, Jesus’ Other

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