The Key to Weight Loss Is Timing – Podcast Talk on Carolina A.M.

The key to weight loss and optimal health may be more about timing versus quantity.

Intermittent fasting is a continuous hot topics on podcasts.  This one caught Audra’s ear…a Heroic podcast by Brian Johnson touches on a report from health science journalist Max Lugavere.   In Lugavere’s book “The Genuis Life” we learn about a study that points to more benefits of the health trend based on a study on the eating habits of mice.  As relayed in the book,  two groups of mice were studied.  One group of mice were given access to food around the clock, while others only had access during the night,  when they normally come out and feed.   Both groups were given the same amount of calories and mixtures of fats and sugar.  After 18 weeks, the mice who ate their foods during a certain window weighed 28% less and had 70% less body fat.   The rats were basically practicing intermittent fasting which is anywhere from 12-16 hours.  Audra heard about this on a Heroic podcast #1378 “Of Mice and Women.”

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