Why You Should Always Keep Vaseline Nearby in our Thursday Tips!

We're testng some new tips on Carolina AM!

Unlike some of the hacks we try on the show…the Vaseline nail hack was a keeper! It garnered rave reviews including from the actual Vaseline company. They saw it and sent us all some of their amazing products, which got Audra thinking more about all the ways she uses Vaseline. If you could only carry one moisture product, make it Vaseline! You can use it as lip gloss, skin protectant, waterproof mascara remover, and even a way to buff out scuffs on leather in a pinch.

This hack swirling social media uses a water bottle to catch a cheater. Start by getting a bottle from Goodwill, something cheap that looks like it could belong to anyone. It works by pretending to discover it in your significant other’s car. Then say this: ‘Here’s your water bottle.’ If they have nothing to hide, they’ll say, ‘That’s not mine, I don’t know whose that is’. But if they’re cheating, they’ll pretend it’s theirs.

You may never know what’s going on inside your partner’s head but you can know what’s in your food…with this app. Yuka is a free mobile app that allows you to scan the barcodes of food and personal care products and instantly see their impact on your health. It contains 2 million food products and 1 million cosmetic products and gives a rating and detailed information. It also recommends healthier alternatives to some products. A bonus is there’s no in-app advertising, so it’s supposed to be more objective.