Amazon Finds: Tech Gadgets and Accessories

Ask your smart assistant to unlock the door without even getting up from the couch

It’s time to get techy and get the most out of your stuff. In today’s Amazon Finds a few accessories that help you get the most of your Amazon Echo and your ssistant Alexa.

Rather than startling you awake, this alarm has a wake-up light that glows and simulates a sunrise to end your slumber. Not only that it monitors your sleep stages and gives you a sleep score each night so you can track how well you sleep. As an Alexa accessory, you can use your smart speaker to control the light, ask Alexa to wake you to music, or give you a summary of your previous night’s sleep. There is a $4 monthly membership for some features. sometimes a 6-month membership is included. 4 stars at $99.

If you like to get things done on a deadline you’ll want this…a cool feature of the echo is to schedule timers, but it can get tiring asking Alexa how much time is left. This 10-inch wall clock makes checking on timers a lot easier. This Alexa accessory syncs to your echo speaker and shows you the remaining time using led lights. This is an Amazon choice, 4 stars with 11-thousand ratings for $30.

You know about the ring doorbells by now…did you know there is one for the mailbox! Battery-operated motion sensor that you mount to your mailbox door. When your mailperson opens your mailbox, it senses motion and sends an alert to your smartphone or alexa speaker in order to deliver a notification that your mail has arrived. The bridge is included in the starter kit but you already have one if you have the doorbell. 4 stars 21-hundred ratings $50.

Ask your smart assistant to unlock the door without even getting up from the couch. The August WiFi Lock is compatible with most deadbolts, it has a convenient geo-fencing feature that will automatically lock the door when you and your mobile phone leave. You can also use your phone to manage access, check the history and receive notifications when someone opens the door. This model is nearly half the size of older model for $200.