Get In Sync with This Partner Kettlebell Workout!

Myles Hill of Neverbored 24/7 shares a workout that can build flow in any relationship.

Myles Hill with Neverbored 24/7  is a personal trainer and movement specialist.  For February, he is sharing workouts that couples can do together.  Last week was about venting, this week it’s syncing!

Here are the first two partner workouts from February:

Partner Workouts

Workout 1 – “Bottoms up!

Workout 2 – “Mobility and Venting

In case you missed January, here are four individual workouts to get you started.

For more information, visit neverbored24/ or call Myles at 843-999-6615.  Myles is a personal trainer on The Grand Strand.  He will come to your home, work, or event for a personalized workout.