Local Author Shares Inspiring Story of Love and Forgiveness in the Midst of Devastation

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Linda Stapleton, auhor of Above the Overpass, was in the studio to share her story and how God never wastes a heartache or a tear. Stapleton demonstrates her first love to Jesus and her lifestyle to making disciples with a warm, inviting, and welcoming spirit.

It was autumn of 1986 in Columbia, SC, when a heinous crime was executed under cover of darkness on I-26. It left the people of the state outraged and an unsuspecting young family shattered. This is the rest of a powerful and inspiring story of love and forgiveness in the midst of devastation. It is the personal account and unforgettable testimony of the author.

To read her book, order your copy today! For an autographed copy, contact Linda at lindatorostapleton@gmail.com.

Also, be sure to visit LindaToroStapleton.com for more information.