Some of the Dirtiest Things in Our Homes…Might Make You Want to Start Spring Cleaning Early

You may want to step up your cleaning game after this.

The very tools we use to make our homes healthier could be doing the opposite.

Let’s talk about the dishcloths. These rags trap all the oils, fats, and bacteria, which will make them smell funky if you don’t wash them. So, here’s what to do…between uses, rinse with dish soap and hot water and air dry. Then throw them in the washing machine every few days on the hottest cycle, separate from other laundry and get them in the dryer as soon as possible to prevent any bacteria from growing again.

Makeup brushes, sponges, and applicators build up bacteria too and can carry harmful germs too. You can get a skin infections from unwashed brushes. Things like staph infections! Heaven forbid it get into an open cute on your face from a smashed pimple…you could end up in the hospital. What to do? Prevent infection, breakouts, or skin irritation, by washing your brushes in warm soapy water after each use or at least once a week.

Your car steering wheel is dirtier than a public toilet. It’s usually the first thing you touch when you get in the car and that many of us also eat, apply makeup, or floss while driving. Researchers it can house nine times more germs than a public toilet seat. Keep a package of cleaning wipes in your car and regularly wipe down the wheel as well as the gear shift knob, radio buttons, and handles.

The refrigerator water dispenser is another spot. First look at the water catcher full of stagnant liquid in your fridge door, suspect! But, the it can get worse… according to a study done by the National Sanitation Foundation, researchers found evels of levels of yeast, mold, and bacteria inside and outside the in-unit water dispensers. Do this… empty the water-catching tray on a regular basis and routinely wipe down all the external parts. For a guide on how to sanitize the internal parts, check with your refrigerator instruction manual.