WFXB Celebrates Turkey Day with Some Delicious and Festive Treats!

Lois Rycx shows Greg how to construct some gobble worthy Thanksgiving treats!

Lois Rycx shows Greg how to construct some gobble worthy Thanksgiving treats!


Oreo Turkeys

Any type double stuff sandwich cookies will do. The double stuff allows room for “candy corn feathers” or slivered almond feathers”.
Attach the candy corn by dipping the point part in melted white chocolate and putting it in between cookie wafers. Set aside to allow to harden up.
HACK!!! If your candy corn is broken with white tip off…use it for the feather part. It will be stuck in and nobody can see it. Or you can just eat the imperfect ones!
Using same white melted chocolate (or you can use milk chocolate) attach candy corn for the nose and candy eyes.

Another version for turkey body is a mini Reeses cup on bottom of sandwich cookie with either a malt ball or caramel on top of it for face. Nose is a mini butterscotch chip and eyes are same candy eyes and two candy corn “turkey wings”.

Pilgrim hats
I used a fudge stripe cookie. I attached the marshmallow to it using melted chocolate.
Once set I dipped the entire cookie in chocolate. Let set up.
For “buckle” I piped on a bit of chocolate in a square and used gold sanding sugar crystals. Voilà. Pilgrim hat!
Candy Corn Bark
Line rimmed baking sheet with parchment paper. Layer graham crackers on bottom. Pour melted chocolate…I used white and dark n swirled it using offset spatula. Immediately decorate with candies of choice. I used candy corn, candy pumpkins and Reese’s pieces.
Allow to firm up completely. Then the fun part! You take a meat tenderizer mallet and whack it into pieces!
Brownie Pops
Make fudge brownies from a mix. Allow to cool completely.
Mix in one package of room temperature cream cheese. Return to fridge for hour or more to cool.
Form into balls and stick cake pop in the ball and place on parchment lined sheets and freeze for two+ hours.

Dip into melted chocolate and decorate.