Have You Tried the Oreo Fork Hack?

Audra brings 4 fork hacks to the table including this neater way to have your cookies and cream!


It’s time to put a fork in your frustrations!  That’s exactly what we’re up to today on Carolina A.M.  For your Thursday tips, Audra combs TikTok for 4 of the best fork hacks to use in the kitchen.

Fork Hacks in the Kitchen

No need to be chicken to try this one. for you tenders.  Use the utensil to remove that tough part of the chicken tenderloin.   Slide the fork into white part.   Hold the meat steady with your other hand, and just pull all the way down until the white stuff is removed.

Hold your potatoes for another for hack! If you’ve ever been in charge of peeling the the spuds for the mashed potatoes, just stick a fork in it.  Literally. instead of awkwardly holding it in your hand maneuvering around your fingers, wedge the fork into one end of the spud, it frees you to slice and peel away saving you time and possibly your fingers!

Ever go to get your favorite ice cream from the freezer and it’s so frozen you can’t get your spoon into it.  That’s what the fork is for.  Press the fork across the surface.  It breaks the ice so-to-speak, allowing for quicker thawing.  Or just turn your fork to an angle in the other direction and scoop a bite of the dreamy treat!

We saved the best for last.  It’s a cookies and cream hack for everyone’s late night snack.  A fork can make milk and cookies go down smoother and cleaner.   It keeps your fingers out of the glass and will impress your kids and friends because it’s trending on TikTok, of course.  Open the package, and go straight for the orea with the fork, stick the edge of the fork into the middle of the Oreo’s white stuff and dip!