How to Spark Joy in the Darker Seasons

Ways to seek joy during the fall and winter months.

Daylight savings time has brought on the darkness early and the colder temps are arriving soon too but, don’t let it get you down! Make your home more comfy and the perfect place to spend a chilly evening.  Restock your candles and opt for ones that crackle.  If you have a fireplace in your living room, use it!  Enjoy life’s cozier pleasures by giving your throw blankets a good wash and breaking out those fuzzy socks and hot cocoa or some fall and winter flavored tea.  Even when you want to hibernate, find good ways to stay connected to friends, family and your community. Maybe that includes playing pickleball indoors as many rec centers in the area offer it.  Or, finally meet a goal of reading more by joining or even starting a book club.  Make sure you take time to still be active. bundle up and go for a walk on your lunch break, the sunlight will do you good!   Or, follow a stretching or yoga video at home by that cozy fireplace.  It’s all about the small things sometimes.  Bake a new holiday treat you can take to work or for those on a health kick, try a heathy smoothie recipe or enjoy your favorite bowl of soup!  Simply make time for yourself even if you have just a little bit to spare.