Audra Mixes a Shot of the Latest Health Trend for Greg on Carolina A.M.

Capsaicin is an extract from chiles so it's hot! But when infused into olive oils, supplements, and creams it helps relieve aches and pains.

You’ve likely heard about the one-chip challenge where folks dare each other to take a bite of a chip that is loaded with lots of hot peppers like capsaicin.   While you’d want to stay away from that type of self-inflicted pain, you may be surprised to know capsaicin is used to treat some forms of pain.  OTC creams that contain capsaicin, an extract from chiles, may tone down knee pain. A study found nearly 40 percent of arthritis patients reduced their pain by half after using it in a cream for a month.   It’s also an anti-inflammatory fighter so some get it infused into some olive oils and supplements.  Because it increases oxygen consumption and body temperature, it’s also used to support weight or fat loss.