How to Stop Complaining Using The Sandwich Method

Researcher and author Guy Winch in his book "The Squeaky Wheel" shares how to make our complaints easier for others to swallow.

Did you know that most of us walk around everyday with something that is bothering us.   Nearly 95% of us carry it into the next day.   Research shows we fail to deliver the complaints to the objects of our bothersome because we feel it gets us nowhere.    A researcher and author Guy Winch in his book “The Squeaky Wheel,”  says that’s because we complain the wrong way.    Winch advises to put your complaint into a sandwich.   Here’s how  that works. Complaining can put us on the defensive, by nature.  So start with a positive statement to relax defenses and set tone.   The ending should give motivation and information how to resolve the issue.   The middle is where most go wrong.  The meat of the sandwich delivery should be lean.   Don’t list 1000 examples a person has done the thing that bothers you.  Instead, give the most recent example.   It’s helpful to write those out in talking points before you deliver it the sandwich.