Today’s Amazon Find – A Red Light Therapy Band for Sports Recovery

This band is used by Olympian athletes for recovery using red, infrared, magnetic and micro-vibration. Only $130 on Amazon.

Today’s Amazon Finds:

DNA Vibe: Jazz band live with infrared light therapy band
Amazon’s best selling propane heater 
The portable power station as seen with Clay Abney
Copper Fit compression socks, Goop podcast 

In today’s Amazon finds, products we’ve mentioned or referred to on Carolina A.M.  First up, Greg and Audra talk a lot about the benefits of red light therapy.   Audra received the DNA Vibe device referred to as the Jazz band live and tries it out over the weekend.  Her daughter used it after a swim meet for recovery.  It features four odes: red, infrared, magnetic and micro-vibration.   It’s marketed more for athletes and was a partner of the World Pro Ski Tour.  Prices vary, we found one listed for less than $130 on Amazon.

October is prime wedding and tailgating season, so there’s going to be a lot of outdoor gatherings.  This has been mentioned as a party planner’s must have in colder months.  This is amazon’s best selling portable propane heater.  It has the safety auto shut off valve and wheels. this comes in bronze for $141.

If you plan to be partying outdoors, this is one to put in your cart or Christmas list.   This is as seen on world traveler Clay Abney’s segments here on Carolina A.M.  It’s the shell portable power station, powers 10 devices with total output 742 watts. The voltage is 110. 3 USB-A ports, 2 DC outlets, a USB-C, a car outlet, and wireless charger capability.   It’s $399 on Amazon.  At press time, there was a $20 coupon.

These energy compression socks are popular on social media sites.  Copper Fit Energy is an Amazon Choice and is celebrity endorsed by Goop’s Gwenth Paltrow.   It basically supports your arch, feet and ankles to help reduce swelling caused from prolonged sitting or standing.   I’s fully cushioned for comfort and good for sports, flights, and every day wear.   Be sure to size according to your shoe size.  $13

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