Amazon Finds That Will Get You Moving and Make Difficult Tasks Simpler!

Get these as a gift or for yourself!

We begin with these scissors that can keep things a lot straighter. These have a laser that directs your cutting! Great for sewing, crafts, and gift wrapping. The handle supports a sturdy grip and the laser direction can be adjusted. Batteries are included, in this pair for just under $15.

If you thought that was handy, you’ll like these gloves. They point the light where you need it. Free your hands up from a flashlight. Think of where you could use these…under the hood of the car…fishing, camping, dog size fits most, the material is stretchy. It’s an Amazon Choice for $15.99

Making a move soon? These little furniture rollers will make things easier. It’s a 4-piece furniture dolly. It helps prevent skidding and scrapping during transport. Use it for moving furniture, beds, tables. It comes with 4 wheels and the lever and is 15% off right now for $55 on Amazon.

This will move your derriere in the morning. It’s an alarm clock that you can’t ignore. this thing jumps, shakes, and changes directions so you have to wake up to chase it, in order to turn it off! This could be the perfect gift for that teen who can’t make it to work or school on time. It comes in different colors and it $38.