Myrtle Beach Shelter Dog Travels Across the Country to Her Forever Home

Kind Keeper Animal Rescue's Leanne Dornseif is driving Emila to her forever home, after an outpouring of donations from the community.


We’ve got an update to the story we shared with you last week about the Myrtle Beach shelter pup, Emila, that was adopted by someone across the country and is making her way to her forever home  Emila was a resident at Kind Keeper Animal Rescue for 8 months and hadn’t had a visitor until this California man showed up one fateful August day.   The man was visiting Myrtle Beach and decided to adopt Emila.   The issue was the distance.   Thanks to the community, folks pitched in and helped with some of those arrangements.  Leanne Dornseif,  the marketing coordinator at Kind Keeper, is driving Emila across the country and has posted about the journey.  Dornseif emailed Audra an update saying that “Emila is doing well, she loves to stretch out and sleep in the backseat or look out the windows and take in all the scenery.  She has loved being able to sleep in a bed for the first time and she is so happy.”  Dornseif and Emila have driven through 8 states and on schedule to arrive in California late by Thursday morning.

You can follow the journey.  Kind Keeper Animal Rescue posts updates on their Facebook.

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