California Man Visits Myrtle Beach Shelter, Adopts Dog Who Never Had a Visitor

And now there's a social media campaign to help fund getting the dog from Myrtle Beach to California!

We’ve partnered with the Maguire Law Firm to bring you Carolina Kindness stories each Wednesday.   Have a story to share with us?  Email us at  A dog’s journey from Myrtle Beach to California.  WFXB received a report from Kind Keeper Animal Animal Rescue about a special adoption.  Leanne Dornseif says a dog that has been at their shelter for 8 months, Emila, has been adopted.  “We never thought it would take her so long to find a home! In the 8 months that she was here she never even had a visitor until Tim (her adopter) finally came and visited her, ” says Dornseif.  The adopter, Tim, lives in California.  Now there will be a cross country road trip to get her there. Donations are being collected for the trip. You can follow the journey on Facebook and donate to the cause and in helping others like Emila find a forever home.