Greg and Audra Make Slime – That’s Suppose to Relax!

Keep calm, make slime! Greg and Audra mix up a DIY batch.

We are continuing relaxation week at WFXB with ways to relax and prize giveaways.  Click here to enter.  We have made lavender towels, relieved stress with splatter art and now…. here’s how slime helps you relax.   Squeezing it activates part of the nervous system which helps us rest. While all the senses can make us feel relaxed, the sense of touch is thought to be a route to a meditative state – which means feeling very calm.   Slime is for all ages.  You can find it all colors and scents these days.  Audra mixes up a recipe using 1 cup of  liquid glue, 1 TBSP of baking soda, and food coloring or dye.   Here’s another recipe that her daughter says works better.  Tune in tomorrow for things to do that help get your mind off stress.

WFXB has partnered with some great local businesses in our area to help you relax! We are giving prizes away each day this week on Carolina A.M.   Want a chance to win?  Enter on the contest tab at or click here.