Senate Passes Bipartisan Gun Control Bill With 65-33 Vote, Heads to House

Yesterday, the Senate passed a bipartisan gun control bill with a vote of 65 to 33. The bill was the first major gun safety legislation to be passed since the ‘Brady Bill’ in 1994. The bill will provide funding for states to create programs that could keep weapons away from people who are a danger to themselves or others and also enhance background checks for gun buyers under 21, adding penalties for some gun criminals and providing funding for a variety of health and mental health related programs. It also addressed the ‘Boyfriend Loophole.’ All 48 Democrats and two Independents voted for the bill along with 15 Republicans.

The legislation includes millions of dollars for mental health, school safety, crisis intervention programs and incentives for states to include juvenile records in the National Instant Criminal Background Check System. The bill now heads back to the House where it’s expected to be passed today. Once the House approves the measure it will head to President Biden’s desk for signature.