How to Arrange Your Bedroom for Better Days and Better Sleep!

These things may make life easier in the bedroom.

Design expoerts say there are 5 small changes that can give you big results in the bedroom.
How to arrange your bedroom for better days for you and if you share it with someone. Insiders at AARP did some compiled four things that may make life easier in the bedroom.
1. Set up a space for the night owl that likes to read.  While those little book lights are handy, some of the lighting in those could be the wrong kind of lighting for night that could keep you up beyond what you desire and disturb your partner.  Instead, designate a comfy chair with a reading light that is conducive to sleep.
2. Upgrade your mattress.  Invest in a mattress that absorbs movement and reduces disturbances.  A dense latex or memory foam style is worth considering.  It’s also worth considering going to a king size.
3.  If every twist and turn of the covers wakes you up, share one bottom sheet, but use two separate duvets on top.  For a king bed, purchase two twin-size duvets.  You can even choose two different thicknesses if one of you sleeps warm and the other cool.
4.  Silence the movements by tightening your headboard.  It can prevent vibrations when your partner shifts.  If that doesn’t help, bolt it.  Attach it to the wall using Z clips or cleats.
5.  And for pete’s sake, corral the remotes.  If rummaging around for a remote has woken you, the simple fix is to dedicate a nightstand drawer for those things.  Compartments in the drawer will keep everything organized and visible, minimizing noise and rumbling at night.