Men Charged With Multiple Crimes in Robeson County

Two men who are accused of robbing a man at gunpoint in April are facing charges in Robeson County. Dwight McCormick and Zaquan McNeil are charged with multiple crimes and are both behind bars at the Robeson County Detention Center. According to police, a victim told them that the two men came into a home he was staying at in the 500 block of Grey Street and robbed him at gunpoint on April 16th. During the robbery, McNeil also pointed a gun at the victim and pulled the trigger but the gun failed to fire. McCormick is charged with kidnapping, robbery with a firearm or other weapon, conspiracy to commit robbery with a dangerous weapon and communicating threats, he was given bonds totaling over $323,000. McNeil is charged with attempted murder, kidnapping, robbery with a firearm or other weapon, simple assault and felony conspiracy, his bonds total $501,000.