Greg and Audra Try Chewy Ice Cream on Carolina A.M.

Chewy treats are trending among foodies. Greg and Audra try a popular chewy ice cream, My Mochi.

Chewy food is a trend.   Foods purposely created for your jaws to move like the tapioca pearl in bubble tea we’ve seen already on social.  There’s the crispy rice cake lasagna that is suppose to give your mouth a workout. The chew extends into dessert too.  There are chewy doughnuts, cookies and ice cream.   The Food Network says it’s largely due to cultural culinary influence on social media. Greg and Audra test out one of the trending treats, My Mochi ice cream treat.  These chewy little treats made of mochi dough and sweet rice dough filled with ice cream. rank among the Top 20 Novelty Foods in the US.