Keep All Your Things Together in Today’s Amazon Finds!

In today's Amazon Finds, things to keep your gadgets together from your pots to electronics!

In today’s Amazon Finds, things to keep your gadgets together from your pots to electronics.

Have a steadier Facetime with this flex phone holder.  Let the Iflex-mini hold that phone for you no matter the size.  It folds into the shape you need it.   It’s an adjustable smartphone holder that goes where you do and keeps things hands free at home, work, opr on the plane.  It’s designed to make streaming, scrolling and swiping more comfortable and facetime calls more stable.  It’s an Amazon Choice.  This comes in black, pink and blue and is $12 on Amazon.

This it’s a magnetic cable wrangler. Just like you would herd the cattle, you can keep all your cords together.  It neatly holds them on your nightstand or desk, wherever you need them.  It’s compact and stable design works with all cables and chargers.   And if that doesn’t attract you enough, use the included magnetic collars to boost it’s eye appeal! Comes in four colors, $25 on Amazon.

While we’re keeping things together, solve a kitchen headache with this crockpot lid holder. It’s a hands-free solution when seasoning, stirring or serving.  The lid pocket holds the lids so your hands are free to do their thing! It keeps your countertop free and clean and you’ll likely never leave a party with the wrong lid again!   It fits most cookers with a .75 inch rim.   Oh and for storage, the lid pocket conveniently stores inside your cooker.  It’s on Amazon.

There really is a solution for everything! Get a handle for your skillet.!  The cast irons are a kitchen staple, and if you love yours, you also know how hot the heavy and hot the handles get.  This is anti-slip cover for it, the ridges on this gives you better grip for when you need to transfer your dish to and from the oven. This handle cover gives a 275 degree heat protection.   The cover works with skillets over 10.5 inches.  A 2-pack is $7 on amazon.