Your Cat’s Dream Bed Found in This Amazon Find!

It's an Amazon best seller and comes personally recommended.

In today’s Amazon Finds we begin with trending items for the home.  Their best selling fragrance for the home by Nest elevates mood with 700 hours of fragrance and scents to fill a 1,000 sq. ft. space.  It’s customizable with the Pura Smart app and Alexa compatible.  $90

Warm things up with this best seller electric heated blanket.  It has 6 levels with an automatic shut off after 6 hours.  The cord is 10 feet.  $70

If you home space is limited, condense your mirror and alarm clock into one with this mirrored digital alarm clock.  It features a big snooze button for all you heavy sleepers! $20

Also on the list is a hammock for the cat!  Let you feline sunbathe in this cozy hammock and bed.  It holds up to 40 lbs.  WFXB Producer Taya Torres recommends this one.  Her cat Zoey loves it!