Wacky Amazon Finds You Can’t Resist

You're welcome. Compliments of our "Man on the Strand."

These Amazon Finds, from the most functional to the wackiest, are recommended by our man on the strand, Tyler Kamp.
First up, blind spot mirrors for your vehicle.  Solve the issue with these mirrors which also shows a larger image.  You add these to your existing mirrors.  One pack gives you one for the left and right.  $11.55
This is something else Tyler uses daily.  These Neoprene water bottle sleeves keep your water bottle clean and dry.  It gives you a handle that makes it easier to carry around or slide onto handlebars or clip onto a backpack. They comes in many colors.  Tyler’s is red.  Get a 3-pack for $12.99.
Keep your garage organized the way our Man on the Strand does with these wall storage hooks. Great for hanging surfboards, kayaks, folding chairs, bicycles, any sport equipment.  These are made of tubular steel and rust resistant.  Each hook holds 100 pounds.  Easy to install, get 2 for $17, or 4 for $28.
We saved the best for last.  This wacky waving inflatable tube guy will give your space joyous dancing just like the car lots have.  It’s 18 inches of a waving tube man.  It runs with a fan in the base that makes him wiggle and shake.  You can use rechargeable batteries. Give it for a gift or keep for yourself $7.