How to Cat Proof Your Holiday Décor

Tips to pet-proof your holiday spruce and a story about a cat named Sweet Baby.

If you’ve got a pet that won’t seem to leave your Christmas tree alone…well, we’ve got some tips on how to pet-proof your holiday spruce, whether it’s real or artificial.  First, make sure you have a good way to hide the light strands. To avoid pets treating them like chew toys, use a rug or your tree skirt to hide them as much as possible. Even better, opt for investing in battery powered lights.  Also, go easy on the tinsel. That is, if you still add the shiny décor to your tree. These mini streamers can be a potential choking hazard. It’s also a good idea to avoid using real mistletoe. While it’s great for a spontaneous peck…it can be dangerous to animals.  Opt for the fake greenery instead.  Finally, it’s wise to have an emergency plan in place for pets that ingest some pine needles or maybe some chocolate from an advent calendar. Keep your local animal hospital and or veterinarian’s phone number in your phone. Also, it might come in handy to have their medical records in a safe place as well.