Thanksgiving Cooking Hacks That Might Save You Some Stress in the Kitchen

Here are some cooking hacks that might make things a little easier.

Cooking a full Thanksgiving dinner is a lot of work, especially if you’re doing it yourself. In order to help yourself out, here are some cooking hacks that might make things a little easier.

When it comes to potatoes…leave the skin on. Instead of spending so much time peeling, boil them with the skin and then put them straight into a bowl of ice water. After they cool, the skins will slide right off.

If you’re not expecting a large crowd, don’t make a whole turkey. A turkey breast is faster and easier and one feeds up to four people.

This is good anytime not just for the holiday…preheat your roasting pans. Leave them in the oven while you’re preheating it, and things will cook faster. It’s especially good for roasting vegetables.

Try making your gravy in a blender. Instead of stirring and simmering until you get it just right, a blender will help thicken it and get all the lumps out.

Use store-bought ingredients to your advantage. For example, most people expect green bean casserole to be made with cream of mushroom soup. So, making the sauce from scratch probably isn’t worth it. Do your guests actually want homemade cranberry sauce? Or would they be happier with a can of the jelly stuff?