Father-Son Duo Travels the Country to Encourage Children Being Treated for Cancer

Kevin, Bax, and Suzanne stopped by our studios for an update and some good news!


Kevin and Baxley Hoover of ‘Hug your People’ is back in the studio today.  The father and son, along with wife/mom Suzanne, have been traveling the country gifting wagons to children going through cancer treatment.  They made a stop to our studios to give us an update and some great news!

Baxley was 4 years old when he was diagnosed with Stage IV Rhabdomyosarcoma.  This is a rare cancer that forms in the soft tissue.  For Bax, he developed a tumor in his abdomen that pressed on his bladder &, ultimately, caused kidney failure.   His diagnosis included 67 weeks of chemotherapy, 33 treatments of proton radiation, 10 treatments of photon radiation & more oral medicine, precautions and concerns that you can imagine.  While there was hope, The Hoovers felt like they were in a dark tunnel and now hope to help others going through similar situations.
The wagons came to life before the official diagnosis when he was going to a different part of the hospital for surgery.  He opted to ride in a wagon instead of a wheel chair.  “Hug your people,” came from a phrase The Hoovers said as a family and to other people.  It began as an innocent request for a hug.  It would become the very organization that are traveling with today, all funded by their family.
Follow Kevin, Baxley and Suzanne on the HYP (Hug Your People) journey!