A Solution to All Your Cords in This Amazon Find!

You'll never have to look at a jumbled mess of power cords again, thanks to this handy device we found on Amazon!

This week’s Amazon Finds for you, your grandma, and even your fur baby…
You’ll never have to look at a jumbled mess of power cords again, thanks to this handy device. It’s an outlet cover that  21, 00 reviewers have given five stars.  You can have up to three devices plugged in while also covering up the outlet powering them.  It has a three-foot cable that you tuck away , the end result is unified solution that blends into the background.  You can plug three devices into it.  For $24.  
Need help backing up all those photos on your phone?  If you have used up all your space on your iPhone or iPad this photo stick can help with that.  It holds 128 gigs of storage.  Store pictures, videos, audio messages, and music to it.  Then plug and play it whenever you need it or simply keep it as a backup.  It comes with an app where you can view and keep all your files.  It’s apple certified, supports all lightning ports.  There is a version also for USB C iPhone and ones for Android phones as well.  It’s $40.  
This is a Godonut.  No, you can’t eat it.  But it will be handy in the kitchen. It’s a phone and tablet stand that’s lightweight, durable and portable.  Perfect to put your device on while following an online recipe or craft.  Easy to put it wherever you need it, no assembly.  works with cases up to a half inch thick and a screen size up to 9.5 inches.  Available in a variety of colors. Made in the U.S.A., it’s $20 on Amazon.
Keep your fur baby entertained and keep its mind engaged with this ball they ay is hair to destroy.  It makes a different sound every time it bounces so they don’t’ get bored.  It is designed with a reverse grip design that makes it hard to damage.  It’s water-proof, easy to clean, and it floats in the water.  Suitable for medium to large pets, it’s two and half inches in diameter.  It squeaks, bounces, floats and looks cool, It’s $29 on Amazon.