Even Making Cookies Cost More…But at Least You Don’t Live in CALI!

Charleston made the Top 10 least expensive city for baking cookies, at $2.23 for a batch.   In San Diego, CA you'd be shelling out $12. 

You’re likely already feeling the effects of paying more at the gas pump these days but what you may not realize is how much mjore its gonna cost to make those holiday cookies this year.  It’s gonna cost you nearly 6% more to make cookies this year.  A survey breaks down the cost by state.  We can count our lucky stars, too, because it’s cheaper in South Carolina than most other states.  Specifically Charleston made the Top 10 least expensive list of cities to bake in this year, at about $2.23 for a batch.   In San Diego you’d be shelling out $12.   These numbers are based on making sugar cookies with flour, eggs, butter, baking soda and sugar.   You can thank inflation for that.