The Most Clever Use of a Command Hook and Zip Tie!

We'll show you how it can get you organized in a zip! Other tips include how to find a dropped earring in your car!

There is a simple solution to storing your brooms and mops, finding that lost earring, and for your fall décor.

Thursday Tips!

Use one grapevine wreath for all the seasons and interchange the pieces according to the holidays. Harriet Charles from Forest Lake Greenhouses shows how to do that.

Keep your brooms off the floor and neatly stored in a zip! Instead of propping them against the wall or throwing them in the closet, stick on a command hook to the door, then loop a zip tie (or sturdy string) on the end of your broom, Swiffer, or dust pan.  Let your command hook adhere for 24 hours before hanging.   (5-Minute Craft/YouTube)

Ever drop an earring or an ear pod in the car between the seats or under the couch.  To find it easier, put a piece of hosiery over the end of a vacuum. and let it do the hunting for you.  This is a good tip to use at the carwash also.   (5-Minute Craft/YouTube)

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