This Amazon Find is King of the Jungle!

Your dog will be a roaring success at Halloween with this Amazon find.

This slim, leather wallet gives you instant card access at the click of a button.  It stores 10 cards and has an aluminum card holder, all protected by RFID protection. There is also has place for a tracker card to make sure you never loose your wallet.  It’s handcrafted from premium top grain.  It’s rated a best-of for men’s wallets and is $89 on Amazon.  This zippered wallet case keeps everything you need right on your phone. On National Purse Day, you can carry this as your bag, as it comes with a crossbody strap.   Or just put in your pocket.  The zipper allows you slide your cards in without the bulk.   It serves as an all-in-one case and wallet, available in various colors and phone sizes.  It’s $28 on Amazon.  If you don’t have a mister, you can get one on Amazon.  This ultrasonic mist humidifier also serves as diffuser for essential oils.  You’ll enjoy using this year-round.  It covers rooms, up to 480 ft. and has run time of 20 hours.  The ultrasonic diffuser creates a restful and soothing environment.   The marble design on this one makes it a nice gift at $25 on Amazon.  Your dog will be King of the Jungle in this pet lion costume with this Amazon find.  The dog lion mane comes with a tail tip.  It will have your friends roaring when they see your fur baby in this costume at Halloween, shows or carnivals.  It’s adjustable for medium to large dogs.  Audra’s dog Daisey Choo tried it over the weekend.  She’s not a fan but it sure was cute! It’s $15 on Amazon, with a free return.