The One Word that is Confusing Your Dog!

We say the word "no" so often, it loses its meaning and is causing your dog needless confusion.

No one likes to be told no.   When it comes to your dog. the word “no” can cause our fury friends a lot of confusion.  Think about it…The dog chews on a shoe? “No!” The dog digs in the flowerbed? “No!” The dog barks?   In this last scenario, there’s a good chance that your dog may think “no” is just your way of barking along with him.  When dog owners pronounce the word “no” over and over like a broken record, it risks losing its meaning.   Dogs respond to tone not necessarily the word reacting to our “no” with a freeze response.  Training experts say we should show our dogs what to do instead, like we do when we are teaching them to sit and stay.