Myrtle Beach Diver Goes to Great Lengths to Return Lost Diamond to New Jersey Couple

A New Jersey man realized the ring he was going to propose with had fallen into the water. A week later and after lots of unfolding, Myrtle Beach diver Donnie Constransitch found and returned the ring to the couple.

Donnie Constransitch is a diver in our area who on his own time looks for things lost in the water.  He’s become so good at it…he’s the person people people are calling when there’s a lot at stake.  Donnie and his wife Christie visited WFXB this week and Donnie was a guest on Carolina A.M.  He shared the story of how he ended up helping a couple who were visiting from New Jersey get their diamond ring back.  A man had tried to propose twice to his girlfriend while in Myrtle Beach.  The moment he reached into his pocket was when he realized the ring had fallen into the water.  Lots unfolded and Donnie was contacted.  With very little details about the location, Donnie pieced together information and ended up narrowing down an area and miraculously finding the ring.  His ventures have also taken him into a body of water near Whiteville, NC,  where an alligator is known to frequent  Donnie doesn’t charge for this.  Other companies who do this professionally often charge a percentage up front without a guarantee.   He now has a Facebook page, Water Dingo Diving.