Newborns Body Found In Trash Compactor In Woods In Lumberton

According to the Lumberton Police Department, emergency officials received a call on May 29th around 5 p.m. from an unknown person who said that a woman who lived in the area threw the remains of her stillborn baby into a trash compactor. The person left a call back number but officers were unable to contact them so they went to do a well-being check at the home on Sanchez Drive. The officer was not able to make contact with anyone at the residence so he went to the dumpsite where the woman allegedly placed the baby’s remains. The officer couldn’t see anything because the trash was so compact but while officers were at the scene, the girlfriend of the accused woman gave additional details regarding the incident. According to a release, the remains of the baby were found in a wooded area behind the home. An autopsy is being conducted.