Gifts for Any Type of Mom

Whether your mom is athletic, sentimental, a foodie or could use some relaxation, we've got just the top gifts for her.

With Mother’s day this Sunday. If you didn’t know or just kinda forgot, we’ve got your covered with a gift ideas for your mom. This Naipo neck massager is perfect for the rub down everyone needs every now and then. It plugs in for a relaxation any time. Reviews say it feels just like a real massage. With 50 percent off, we think $50 a great deal. For the mom who cooks, her oils matter. Especially olive oil. Not all extra virgin olive oils are created equal. Foodies know the difference. The Crescent Olive offers premium oils like this one. They have a store in Columbia but you can order online or by phone. They also offer recycling options. an average bottle is $16. For the sentimental mom or or one miles away, this Skylight 10″ digital frame is one you can email pictures to anytime of the day. She plugs it in. It connects to her wifi. All she has to do is set up a an email address for the frame then you and anyone with the address can send pictures to the frame instantly. If your mom is not on social media and misses those magical moments, you can send them to her. Audra’s mom has this and she loves getting new photos each week. A great gift for mom and and grandmothers. It’s $159 and you can get it on amazon. For the on-the-go and athletic mom, these adidas shoes come with access to fitness and nutrition tips. This is an Amazon trend. They are the latest color trend as well. These rose pink Adidas Edge Lux 4 running shoes will take your mom from the gym to running errands with style and support. These are part of the brand’s collection of get fit together where they also offer free fitness and nutrition tips and videos for customers.