A ‘Pay it Forward’ Kindness Act Returns to Woman Years Later

A Viewer's Story - Pay it Forward - on Carolina AM

This is a story from our Pay it Forward segments that began in March. This is tammy’s story on how an act of kindness years ago came back to her years later.  Audra reads her story.  “Before I looked up to see who was walking by, i heard some parents behind me snickering.  It made me feel uncomfortable for the girl walking by.  I knew her, but not very well. I know what it feels like to walk into a park where you don’t know the other moms.  I couldn’t imagine having to walk past a cliche of parents who still gossip like they live in high school.  Without further thinking, I stood up and waived for her to come sit by me.  About three years later, I was at an event where I knew no one.  I felt insecure and wanted to leave.  I heard my name.  When I turned it was the girl from the park.  She called me over and introduced me as if we were pals.  She uplifted me in a way I’ll never forget.  We continue to encourage you to look for kindness around you.  If you don’t find it, create it.  If you experience it, share it.   And we’d love to hear about it.  Send us an email to Audra:  agrant@wfxb.com.  Subject:  Pay it Forward