How to Make Kindness Happen – Pay it Forward

Be Part of the 'Pay it Forward' Movement with Carolina AM

Audra starts a Pay it Forward kindness project on Carolina AM.  The Pay it Forward movement stemmed from the novel by Catherine Ryan Hyde which was adapted into a motion picture.  It set in motion an unprecedented wave of human kindness and national phenomenon. The movement continues and has resurfaced during the pandemic.  The idea is to do something that helps people.  It sets in motion kindness around with a ripple effect of kindness.

Acts can be big or small.  Here are a few ideas if you would like to participate.  Buy a stranger a cup of coffee.  Purchase a train or bus ticket for the person behind you.  On a rainy day, buy a few umbrellas and give them to those getting wet.  Attach a Pay it Forward message to the umbrella.  Text a stressed parent or offer to facetime their kids.  Send a letter to someone.   Write a thank you note to a caregiver or essential worker.  Write a positive review of a local business.  Let someone in while waiting in traffic.

Share your experience.  We will be collecting stories and posting them on a kindness board.  To participate, write a sentence or two about your experience and email Audra at  Subject Pay it Forward.