Audra Gets Us Ready For Valentine’s

Audra Brings to CAM a Craft Easy Enough For a 1st Grader and Pretty Enough for Pinterest

Audra gets the studio ready for Valentine’s Day with a craft simple enough for a 1st grader and trendy enough for a Pinterest pin.  Inspired by the Youtube channel “Modern Mom Life,” this craft gives you three options.   1.  Keep it simple by gluing a precut heart onto your canvas and you’re done!  2. Place the heart on the canvas and sponge paint around it using the cotton balls.   3.  Follow steps for the second option.  Remove the taped heart from the center and let your kids place their handprints in the center.

Materials:  blank canvas, paint safe for skin, cotton balls and die-cuts.   You can pick up a pack of heart-shaped die-cuts just like Audra’s from the Dollar Tree.  She got a 6 pack of blank canvases from Hobby Lobby for $12.