Are These Things Considered Stealing?


Is there any gray area when it comes to stealing? A bunch of people took an online poll on what counts as stealing and what doesn’t. See if you agree.

1. A cashier fails to scan an item, and you don’t mention it. 63% said yes, it’s stealing.

2. You scan an onion instead of an avocado at self-checkout to save 50 cents. 73% said yes.

3. You tell a friend they left something at your place, but they never pick it up. so a few months later, you start using it.
78% said no, that’s not stealing.

4. You tell a joke that your friends assume you came up with. but you actually read it online and don’t correct them.
63% said no, that’s not stealing.

5. You accidentally take someone else’s coat when you leave a restaurant, and it’s nicer than yours, so you keep it.
93% agree that’s stealing.

6. You take a bunch of extra sugar packets from a coffee shop to use later at home. 83% think it’s totally fine.