Senate Struggles

The usually sedate Senate floor became home to some real moments of drama as Republicans try to pass the contentious tax reform plan.


Senate Republicans will be back at it later today after failing to pass a big tax reform bill Thursday night. Democrats are trying to block the move. The bigger challenge for the GOP is keeping their own ranks in line. The party crossed a major hurdle when Senator John McCain came on board. But, there are still holdouts, most worried about the huge tax cuts adding to the national debt. There was talk about having some kind of trigger mechanism to force tax increases in later years if the promised economic growth from lower taxes doesn’t pan out. But that doesn’t fit with Senate rules, so now there is talk about just raising taxes down the road. In terms of getting this done by President Trump’s self-imposed end-of-year deadline it is still theoretically possible, but a lot of things have to start happening, and the Senate has to get a bill passed maybe as early as today.