Launching Concern

North Korea has now triggered international alarm after test firing a new intercontinental ballistic missile with the potential capability of reaching the U.S. mainland.


Overnight North Korea broadcast video of a new long-range missile it tested this week, a missile that now puts the U.S. mainland within potential range of a North Korean nuclear weapon. Pyongyang’s latest missile test has raised a difficult question for the U.S- whether it is time to try and reach a deal to stop the north from growing its nuclear and missile arsenal. In response to the latest launch, late Wednesday the U.N. Security Council held an emergency meeting, where the U.S. sent a direct message to North Korea’s leadership. Russia said it does not support north Korea’s nuclear program and urged the North to stop its nuclear and missile tests. China is now publicly urging for an effort to work with with the North Korean regime. The U.S. has also called on China to cut off North Korea’s oil supply.