Graphic Making Panthers’ Fans Cringe

Charlotte, N.C. — Tuesday afternoon, published a power ranking story on their website and the graphic has some people thinking they made a mistake on the final four 'Power Rankings' graphic showing the Seahawks, not the PanthersThe Panthers are set to host the Arizona Cardinals in the NFC Championship game on Sunday.  However, the graphic shows a Seahawks’ logo instead of a Panthers’ logo. has the Panthers ranked as the number one team going in to the conference championships, but the mistake has some fans thinking that the Panthers aren’t getting the respect they deserve nationally.

The graphic could purposely have the Seahawks on it in red, due to their defeat in the second round of the NFL Playoffs, thus causing their power ranking to drop.

The text under the graphic makes one think this is the final four teams remaining (see graphic below).

What do you think?  Is this a Freudian Slip, a simple oversight by the good folks at or a purposeful graphic created to make Panthers fans cringe?

The homepage Tuesday afternoon showing the Seahawks, not the Panthers, in their 'Power Rankings' image.