Young Panthers’ Fan Has Great Reaction To Receiving Ball

Charlotte, N.C. — The Carolina Panthers continued their brilliant season Sunday, with a victory over the Seattle Seahawks.

young panthers fan

The first half included a slew of Panthers’ highlights including a four yard touchdown run by Jonathan Stewart. Keeping with the tradition started by Cam Newton, Stewart found a young fan wearing a Panthers’ Jersey and gave her the game ball after he scored.

All of the kids who receive Panthers’ touchdown balls seem excited, and this fan was no different. The young fan’s joy was unbridled and apparent in her reaction.  She looked mesmerized, as she hopped up and down, mouth agape, and hugged the football in her Cam Newton jersey. The young girl’s joyous response has become an internet sensation for all the right reasons.

Cam Newton has been ridiculed for many of his on field antics and touchdown celebrations, but he did a good thing when he started giving away game balls to young fans. The Panthers are the highest scoring team in the NFL this season, and that means a lot of happy kids have souvenirs they will cherish for a lifetime.