Who Has the Best Tailgating Food, Panthers or Seattle?

It’s tailgating time at the bank.

“We always have Buffalo dip, we do chili sometimes, beef stew, southern goodness,” says Wendy Vansickle.

So, we set out to find out who had the best tailgating food, between Carolina and Seattle?

“Most definitely the Panthers fans, we from the South baby so we know how to do it,” says Charlotte Williams.

These fans traveled from Seattle to support their team. When I asked who has better food for tailgating Seattle or the Panthers?

“That’s not a serious question we invented the hot dog and the hamburger that’s whats up,” says Robert Griffin.

But when asked if they could rival North Carolina in bar b cue.

“We all know North Carolina got the best bar-b-cue, I’m not saying we better at bar-b-cue haha. That’s not going to happen, that’s over the line,” says Heather Woodcook.

Speaking of bar-b-cue. Grill master Kyle Fletcher from Gastonia has a theory on why they can’t make great bar-b-cue.

“They cant’ touch us they ain’t got pigs in Seattle ha,” says Fletcher.