Former Panther, Minter, Praises Davis for Record

BUIES CREEK, NC (WCCB Charlotte) — Former Panther Mike Minter remembers Thomas Davis as a ‘snotty-nose rookie’ coming out of the University of Georgia.

The words a sarcastic jab at a former teammate who broke his franchise record for tackles this past Sunday. Davis now has 954 tackles, one more than Minter–the current football coach at Campbell University.

“Man, you know what, we saw it from day one,” Minter said as he began to get serious about the Walter Payton Man of the Year recipient. “Even as a rookie when he was trying to play safety. It was unbelievable the things he was doing.”

Minter said Davis referred to him as ‘Old-Man’. And, in fact, Davis predicted the future way back in 2003 that he would eventually break Minter’s record.

“You are not going to break my record,” Minter said as he re-enacted the conversation. “Now we are sitting here and he broke my record. One thing is, he’s a man of his word. Great job, Thomas.”

Minter has a special message for Davis, you can hear that on Sunday’s edition of Got Game at 10:35. The 10-year safety for the Panthers also has some advice for this year’s team’s run to the Super Bowl which will air on Saturday’s Got Game at 11:05 after Panthers Huddle.